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To all RSL owners who are tired of heat damage to fairing


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Ok all, go to this site and go to the bottom of the page these are proto types made with a overlay the real ones will be all cabon fiber, I hope everyone is as excited to have someone willing to make this to cure once and for all, also as them as many questions as you like thru e-mail at contact them

The production parts were planned to be made entirely out of carbon/phenolic resin based system. Phenolic resin is used in aircraft applications where flames are a concern. It simply will NOT burn at all. coated with a proprietary ceramic based heat resistant coating over the carbon fiber.





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Kinda funny that a problem with fairing parts made from relatively modern polymers like ABS, that are melting, is now solved with an ancient, 100-year old resin like phenol-formaldehyde ("phenolic"). Sometimes the old stuff is still the best!

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Hey RedRS, at the risk of hijacking your thread, is that you I've seen up and down 101 in the R.P./ Petaluma area? Seems like I see a red R-RS at least a couple times a month.

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Hey Stubble I have been through there but I ride mostly north, around willits, fort bragg

,lake county area, covelo road, hwy 36. just got my 1996 R1100rsl in july, at a great bike shop

Diablo BMW in walnut creek

RedRS thumbsup.gif

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A lot cheaper option would be to put on a patch of heat-reflective stuff of the sort they use on the bottom of hard bags.


Or, use heat wrap on the headers, and improve performance and noise reduction into the bargain.

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