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PIAA 1100X Platinum ?


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How much more light would I get from the PIAA 1100X Platinum? I'm riding an 02 RT and have been using the fork mounted lamps 24/7. If I installed the PIAA 1100X Platinum under the oil cooler and connect the relay to my high beams would there be a 25%, 50% or 75% gain in distance visibility?


Thanks Chugger

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If they're aimed properly, they should only slightly augment the low beam headlight in terms of distance.


If you want the mega-distance lighting, go for the PIAA 910 or equivalent mounted high on the mirrors. With those puppies on, you can see almost a mile ahead.

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You'll get more light farther down the road because of higher mounting.

I run Moto's above the caliper area w/strap mount so I don't have to remove them for tire changes (4 or more/year) and PIAA's up under the cooler.

Moto's turn w/fork in curve and illuminate more side area.

PIAA's light up more in distance so the amount of light is difficult to quantify in a per cent.

I use Moto's all the time.

I use PIAA's in dark/rain.

Moto's in fog.

Both in morning dark commute when I get to the National Forest w/little on-coming traffic and lots of critters (deer, bear, hogs)

I have mine wired to a separate switch (Motos) and an Autoswitch for PIAA's as I want to be able to mix and match on both high and low beams.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your responses, I was hoping the 1100 & High beams would give me greater distance for highway driving at night. Wish-full thinking. The 910s look to big to go under the oil cooler. frown.gif.


Thanks, Chugger

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Chugger, you want either the PIAA 910 or the Hella FF50.


THe FF50's are what I use. They are 55 watts each, with a tight beam that is a perfect match to the existing high beam.


The 910's blow everything else away. 110 watts each. I had them for a short time, and descided that they were overkill for me.





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