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Motorcycle Ramps


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I just bought my first pickup truck yesterday - a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab. Now that I have a vehicle that can haul my bikes (not my GS of course...just the Italian one! grin.gif), I need some advice on:


(a) good motorcycle ramps and where to buy them


(b) techniques for loading and unloading a bike up a ramp


© tips on strapping bikes down in the bed


I'd be grateful for any advice.

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There's a good selection here, and they were good to deal with:




I too have a Ram, so I can tell you what I do, anyway.


--Drop tailgate.


--Put ramp on tailgate.


--Affix straps to receiver. This keeps it from spinning off the lip when the rear tire is under power.


--Pull up into bed, riding front tire right into a Condor chock (the other models will not work as well).


--Get off bike, which will stand on its own in the chock.


--Tie down to anchors in wall.


That's it. If it's a heavy bike with silly brakes like the 12GS, make sure the key is on so that you have good braking on the way down.


To be really comfortable, riding the bike on a center rail with plenty of capacity for a big bike and you, and then walking up smaller ramps on each size, go with the MF-12038.


If you are just going to take smaller bikes, just get two of the 12-inch side sections that go in that kit. One is for the bike, and the other is for you to walk alongside it next to the bike.


I got the whole kit and use three for big bikes and the two smaller ones for small bikes.


Do you have a short bed? If so, the bike's rear tire will sit just inside the tailgate, but the tailgate will have to stay down. If you are also pulling a trailer, just unhook the two cables that arrest the tailgate's descent and hook them to the rear tie down. This keep the tailgate part way up, against the tire, and out of harm's way for pulling a trailer.

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I have a trifold ramp from Cabellas. If has a couple of really good points. It is wide enought to walk up next to the bike and drag your feet on both sides on the way down. It folds up and will slide in next to the bike after loading. And I accepts 1/8 plywood to fill in the spaces, lordy, I dont know how you could get a bike up the thing without the plywood.


If I was going to haul my bike(s) on a regular basis I would invest in some sort of chalk. I use various methods of tying the bike down. They all make me nervous.


Yankee Dog

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I've loaded my 04 RT in my GMC 3/4 ton truck with oversize wheels with the 3 piece ramp. Center ramp holds 1500 lbs. and the two sides hold 600 each. I rode it up into an L.A sport chock and it holds the bike fine .It was pretty scary. I took the seat off so I could flat foot it though.

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