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Front wheel and tire replacement?


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I've removed the fr. wheel from the bike as its time for new shoes.

I'm buying my tires online and having a dealer install the new tire. Question do I need to remove the brake rotors?



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Good heavens, no; removal of calipers (to eek front wheel off bike) is as far as it goes.

BTW, regarding dealer installing mail order tires, have you cleared that with the dealer ? Some aren't willing to do so as they prefer to sell their tires; actually, there are instances where you don't save $$$ by purchasing tires at a discount via mail order and then pay steep $$$ for dealer to mount and balance. You may be better off money-wise simply buying the dealer's tires, thereby avoiding any mounting & balancing charges.


Wooster who mounts & balances his own (oh oh, is that a little like self-love ?)

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Definitely DO NOT remove the brake rotors for mounting new tires. Regarding mounting and balancing of your new online purchased tires. Contact the local independent motorcycle shops in your area for mounting and balancing your tires. Most are absolutley willing to mount them. It is income to the shop right? It should cost you no more than $15-$25 per tire with wheel off the bike. I pay $15 per tire here in SoCal at a local shop. I would even contact the local Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha dealership to see what they charge.

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Thxs.. I didnt think so but wanted to check . The dealer(Honda) is charging $40 to mount/balance. I called in advanced.I'm guessing its all based on shop time rates and mounted a tire must take 40 mins. Dont say that in front of two guys at the MOA in Vermont they can change um in 35 secs.


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Too add....mark you wheel for direction of rotation so the tire is mounted in the right direction. Shops other than a BMW shop may not be aware which side the 'toothed' ABS ring is on (left) to indicate the proper rotation. MY 2 cents.

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