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Hot Springs? I DON'T think so...


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So, weather guy sez.... 55 and SUNNY!!!


Thus, the "Shiverin' Six" set out from Knoxville bound for Hot Springs North Carolina.




You'd think with a bike THIS hot, it would've generated SOME heat.




He was the first "smart" guy of the day. He peeled off and went home before we got outta town. (In Charlie's defense, he was wearing jeans and a pretty lite textile jacket.)


Thus, the "shiverin' six" became, the "Frozen Five".


If this is 55 and SUNNY...I'm the Pope!




This is a desparate man. He's trying to configure something. He keep's mumbling "Gerbings GOOD GERBINGS GOOD!!"




Today's excuse for not going fast around corners with wet spots is.....




If I learned anything today it's: Unlike El Paseo, wear the eletric stuff from the GIT-GO. Don't wait till you're shivering so bad you can't see from watering eye's and nose. Pretty sure it stayed in the low 40's all day.

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