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I didn't want to sling this in another forum 'cause I didn't feel it appropriate just now. As we all know, Steve Danner is dying of cancer. I've been emailing with him, & tho' he's selling (or hopefully sold) his RT, he's bought a little Honda of some kind that he can step through, since he can't swing a leg over his RT. (just one more thing I've added to my list of things I take for granted).


Anyway, Steve will be in Gunny with us. How he's arriving, I'm not sure. I think it would be quite nice to take up some kind of collection to get him something nice, or to give him something special, or at minimum, have our resident preacher guy, Mr. John Hanna, say a special prayer at some point during our un-event, for him & his.



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There were some slightly scratched left and right side RT Tupperware that Cary had on his Discount Table at the Marin BMW Grand Opening. As I recall, they were light in color (Opal Blue or Glacier Green). Anyway, assuming he's coming by car (Glen, you will need to find this out), perhaps we can get a really special price from Cary and we ship it to Gunnison where all of us can sign it for him and he can take it home.


Just my spur-of-the-moment thought.


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Cool, Fernando. That's a really appropriate way to show our love. Man, what a great idea.


I'll check with Cary this PM. I'll see about a Fex Ex delivery. I'll update this thread with details.

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Alright. Those particular panels are gone. However, Cary is working to help us find another one.


Whether Cary comes into possession of it, or it is located with a private party, I'll make the arrangements to have it shipped Fed Ex in care of the KOA.


When the color is known, I'll let you know. SOMEBODY has to bring the Magic Markers, right?

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FB, what a smokin' idea. I wish I had your mind. Not your body. RD thanx for jumpin' in here. I have a macarena red panel, but it wouldn't be worth dick as far as showing some sigs in marker. Hopefully, a light color will magically appear. cool.gif

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I've got my local dealer, Brown's, working on it. If each of us would contact our local dealer and see if we can find a light-colored panel (Silver, Opal Blue, Glacier Green), that we can have shipped to Gunnison, that would be great.


In fact, I'm going to post this, without saying why, in the Main Forum.

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