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Replacing Rear Transmission Output Shaft Seal?

Ken H.

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While doing some other stuff on the bike today (R1200GS) I see I have a leak from around the boot between the transmission and the swing arm. I'm guessing it is the transmission rear output shaft seal. Does anybody know if on the new hexhead transmission, can this seal be replaced from the outside of the transmission case?


This is the third leak I've had on this silly thing. The first two a dealer fixed; transmission input shaft seal and final drive input shaft seal. I'm loath to ride it three hours to the dealer again if avoidable. If this seal can be gotten to without pulling the tranny, I'll just do it myself. The last time when the dealer pulled the tranny they had to disconnect my fuse block and all my aux. wiring to remove the rear sub-frame, to get the tranny out, and it took me hours to put it all back. Not their fault, but something I'd like to avoid going through again if possible.

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Hi Ken. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I can't help with your question, but hoped I could talk you into taking some photos of your work--assuming of course that you end up doing it on your own. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before someone else is tackling the same job.

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Well I don't know if I've answered my own question or not...


This diagram would seem to indicate the seal (#3) can be replaced from the outside.




Anyone, "BTDT" and can say for sure?

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I'm loath to ride it three hours to the dealer again if avoidable.
You know, I think I've gathered this after reading several of your posts, but I'll just ask to be sure:


I get the impression you're not the worlds biggest fan of the dealer in KC (Engles?). I've been there and wasn't overly impressed, but they didn't seem too bad. Bad experience maybe? Or is it that Bentonville is that much better?


(Or have I missed the boat completely and KC, MO really is 3 hours from the suburbs to the center? lmao.gif)


Just curious.

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