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UK & Euro BMW System 5 Helmet Lock


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Hey all,

I have a UK BMW System 5 helmet with the latch/buckle chin strap and a new US K 1200 GT. The helmet lock under the seat on the US model is made for D-rings. What do UK and Euro-spec bikes have for a helmet lock?


I have an old buckle (female you inserted the tab into it, under the seat) that used to come on K2 bikes. It is still mounted on my Guzzi, but I wondered if there is a new keeper mechanism that is used on Euro bikes? Thanks for any insight.

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The Euro spec bikes have the same helmet locks, aimed at D-rings.

Most Brits do not lock the helmet to the bike as it too likely that it would either get soaked when it rained, or get stolen by having the strap cut.



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Ah thanks for that insight. I intended to move the latch from the Guzzi, but I can find nothing metal (except the frame) under the seat to screw it to!


The good news is that the GT saddlebags will accommodate the System 5 (large)! Thanks again.

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BMW sell a thin wire cable that can be looped through the chin bar - and can be sliced in 2 seconds with a $1 cutter! Should be one in the tool kit.

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Most of the time I lock my Schuberth in my rear bag (again, no D ring).


For those times when I don't/can't lock it up that way, I made a couple of helmet locks. I used plastic coated cable (3/8") and some ferruls to make a cable about 3' long with loops on each end. I run the cable through the chin bar of the helmet and take the free ends and run them under the handle on the side system case and then lock it down.


Turns out there is a small amount of open space around the handles when they are locked down and the 3/8" cable seems to be the perfect size. Locks the helmet to the bike and with the thicker cable, makes it less likely someone will cut it and steal the helmet.


Total cost of about $5 from the local hardware store for 2 cables. (That can also be used for other things if I need/want)


And if I position it correctly, I don't have to worry about the rain. wink.gif



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