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Sump/engine guard


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Given the number of R12's that have lost thier paintwork on the front engine casing, has anyone fitted any kind of sump/engine guard to protect this very vulnerable area from stone chips and the like?


I've already fitted a Fenda Extenda but this helps, not eliminate the crud thrown up. I got back this morning from a morning trip out in the country and the salt build up was pretty excessive. (will post pic later, urgh frown.gif)

I think to deflect the crud & grime away would be preferable rather than get a new cover (and the hassle that goes with it) every year.


I've the GSA Touratech style, wich is designed to deflect and rebound small rocks, but I think I'd rather have something a little more subtle. It's either interweb or the garage with a pair of tin snips and jubilee clip otherwise.

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