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Bmw Rallye 2 jacket... opinions?


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Yeah..they are expensive but besides that, I tried one on yesterday. Man was that thing heavy. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. I really needed a longer sleeve, that may have helped the fitting. I liked the "Hey look at me...I'm goin somewhere" feel, albeit the adventure is more in my head. grin.gif


Anyone using this outfit? I figured if I were to buy one I'd pick one up off e-bay; I 've seen them pop up quite regularly.


I also like the Santiago...so pursuade me. It's a litle more toned down, conservative looking I suppose; although that makes me sound old. grin.gif


I guess I should say I came over from the other side. So I need to get gear that doesn't say "HD" all over it. blush.gif

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Wore one to Alaska in '05. Not for me...

I prefer my rain gear on the "outside" and able to be removed and left outside when entering my tent or place to eat.(Embarassing to walk into a restaurant and have your jacket dripping all over,let alone in your tent getting everything wet.) Liner did not leak,but around the wrists the liner was short and the water "wicked up" your sleeves.

So many pockets,I kept losing things. (opinions very on that). Definately safety incorporated,and cool looking,but I'll stick with my leather and First Gear rain jacket/pants!

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So many pockets,I kept losing things. (opinions very on that).


EXACTLY! Thats what my wife said to me. First thing I thought..what the heck do I need all these pockets for? Then I thought...If I did actually use them, which pocket would I use? Then...would I remember where I put things? Finally I thought...even if I had "stuff" to put in these pockets, the jacket would be even heavier. Guess I like things that have a clean and simple look and practicality.


I also thought the liner was short. Thanks for confirming my instincts.


But I look so...so...so adventurous in it! lmao.gif



Well...may be getting off my own topic now. But I'm kinda liking the Aerostitch Airglide 2. Just thought I'd throw that out there as well in the event this thread continues.

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I got a Rallye 2 Pro suit (jacket and pants) this year. I liked the way it fit, and how it felt. To me it fit, and felt, better than the Santiago. I rode to Utah and back in June, amongst other places, and it performed well for me. I agree that there's some debate about the utility of liners for rain (I've never had the pants liner in, I've used rain pants. I have, however, used the jacket liner. I also discovered that the jacket keeps you dry in light rain without the liner). No jacket is perfect, but this has met my needs quite well. BTW, I never put anything in jacket pockets, so it didn't matter to me how many it had.

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I have 2x Savanna II's and my girlfriend has a Savanna...Great Jackets! I was a bit iffy about the liner being on the inside when I bought my first one, but I have since worn it during thousands of miles in the rain and have never gotten wet! With the liner in and a heated vest, you're good down to freezing temps, and with the vents open, it's comfortable in the 90's (if there is such a thing) It's a great system, which I would definitely buy again. thumbsup.gif Also, the Savanna, Santiago and Rallye are very similar in construction, material and design, so it's basically which style you prefer...Good luck.

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