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Front Wheel Bearing inspection.


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Well for the first time I removed my front wheel to inspect the wheel bearings (71M+).

1. I could not get the calipers to clear the rotors before I hit the rim. Did I need to rock the calipers more to compress the pads in to get more tilting action on the rotors?

2. I just let the wheel roll slightgly forward so I could stick my fingers in the bearings. They turned nice and smooth, felt a little 'thick' while rotating. Did not notice any slop radially or axially. Did I miss anything?

3. Upon assembly it was a pain to get the (greased) axle bolt all the way thru, but I managed, any trick to this?

4. Should I have greased the outermost surface of the bearings with water proof grease? I did not.

5. Other than that bike still runs and stops on a dime.

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1) Yes, you can also protect your rim with some tape.

2) That's how I check mine, except I only check them when I change the front tire since the wheel has to come off then anyway.

3) Lift the wheel up a bit.

4) You don't need to, but it won't hurt anything if you do. I do add some grease to the speedo gear on the left side.

5) That a good thing.


Stan, who sees no reason to replace good wheel bearings. But that's just me.

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I guess i'm just anal retentive. I change oil & filter every 3k miles too.


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I'm not anal retentive. I change my oil every 6k that can be up to 10K if I'm on a long trip, but I also replace the wheel bearings around 50K. Why? They are fairly cheap, easy to replace, and when they go bad they do it with very little warning, probably in the middle of nowhere.
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