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Breaking It In--Last Ride of Season


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I just sent this note to my biker buds, but thought you all might appreciate it too, especially those of you in winter climates.


Hi All, You may recall several years ago, BMW using as their signature ad, a twilight photo, with the (LT?) dash all aglow in red, (stereo too) and the two profiles of a couple headed home. I always thought it kinda goofy (why promote going home?), but figured they knew their market. Well, this evening, I think I understand.


I left here (Albany, NY) around noon, with no particular route in mind. I took back county routes out to Berlin, then Rt. 2 up over Petersburg Pass and down into Williamstown, MA. There, I basked in warm sunshine and even had an ice cream cone on a bench on Main Street; and decided I wanted some more twisties, so I headed for North Adams, MA and the famous Rt. 8 up to Searsburg, VT. God, what a fun road.


Once up to US 7, I turned north onto legendary VT 100 and took that past Mt. Snow, and up to the Stratton, VT cutoff. Wound my way up the mountain (even testing ABS on a couple of missed turnoffs) and wandered around my old skiing stomping grounds. From there, I came down the mountain to Manchester and stopped at Orvis. Then, I set the cruise control (now after 4 pm) and rolled down US 7 to the new Bennington Bypass and over to NY 7. From there, I headed west on NY 7 and then cut over to NY 2 in Brunswick and then home.


My point is that after 5+ hours in the saddle, (and 65 degree temps, with the windshield retracted) I was still fresh and alert when I got home. Then, I think I had an epiphany about long BMW rides, and that twilight picture from their brochures. Suffice it to say that nearly 200 miles and 5 hours on the Guzzi would have really beat me up, just out of exertion and that throbbing exhaust note. Sure this thing sounds like a kitchen appliance, but it sure is reassuring at the end of a long day -- especially when you feel as though you could do another 100 miles if you had to.


This thing is a pavement gobbler. Oh, and some kid on a yellow something sport bike, and matching black and yellow leathers did his best to keep up with me all the way up winding Rt. 8, but I left him wondering what the hell it was he was chasing at the junction of US 7. Heh heh...


Some bike. At 730 miles, I'm really impressed.



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