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Beautiful Fall Day in East TN


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Not only was Friday a beautiful day in Middle TN, it was also a beautiful day in East TN. A friend (rides a Ducati ST3) and I decided to play hooky from work and ride. I apologize up front for the lack of pictures. I will try and do better next time!

We started in Kingsport and headed down to Deal's Gap for lunch at the CROT store/restaurant.





Our bikes at the Deal's Gap store upon arriving



A few more folks had arrived while we were eating



We then rode on down Hwy 28 and stopped by the Fontana Dam. Even though the water level down for the fall/winter/spring flood control, it was still very scenic on this beautiful day.


Fontana Lake



Fontana Dam





We then rode Hwy 28 down to Hwy 19 and took that over to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Very little traffic on the parkway on this beautiful day, but unfortunately we only stopped a couple of times for pics.




We rode the BRP down to Asheville and then pretty much slabbed it back to Kingsport on US19/23, and I26 other than a small detour for US19W, which is a very twisty road.


We arrived home just after darkness settled in after a very enjoyable 380 mile ride.

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