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300 Miles to Alabama's HIGH PLACE - Sargent saves the day!


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I've been riding North Georgia for a long time and decided to see what was west of here within a days range - I've decided to explore east Alabama and it's northern Piedmont section.


A Guzzi riding buddy an I took off to meet a couple of Bama riders at Mt Cheaha (Alabama's highest hill at 2400 ft) for a last look at fall colors and a chance to ride new roads. Stayed off the slabs all the way over and back. A 'Road closed at bridge' detour on the route home forced us back into high traffic routes, but other than that it was a satisfying day exploring new territory.


My Guzzi friend rode a stock seat with Airhawk and sheepskin on top and way DYING from butt pain with 150+ miles to get back home - I mean he was MISERABLE! We had stopped to rest his hiney for the umpteenth time when I pointed to a bunch of buzzards circling overhead and commented that they were just waiting for him to die of butt-ache and then they'd pick his bones clean. He laughed, but not much.


He was really hurting, actually thinking he couldn't get back on the bike. In a moment of uncommon creativity, I realized I MIGHT have a solution. We packed his seat, airhawk and sheepskin away and strapped my Sargent pillion seat on the Guzzi and rode on.


30 miles later he had a smile on his face and 'couldn't believe' the difference. He completed the ride with no more stops and reports that his butt felt just fine (I took his word for that). He's sending his saddle off to Sargent.





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Hi Dave, nice photos! I too have a Guzzi riding friend that had seat problems with his Guzzi Bassa. I believe he went through 4 or 5 seats before trading it in on his new Guzzi 1100 Breva. Appears the problem was the old bike's suspension and seating position . The new bike is a great handler in the twisties and way more comfortable too. Warn your friend to stay far away from this new model or he might be in trouble. wink.gif

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