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Garmin open store in Chicago


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Not sure if this has been posted but Garmin has their first brick and mortar store in Chicago. I guess I'll have to get my paper maps and plan a trip there. Very nice place, wish it were here in sunny CA.







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I happened to walk by the other day and they were setting up a window display with a Kawasaki ZX-14.


It's the northeast corner of Erie & Michigan, for those who want to visit.

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If I owned Garmin, my largest distributor would get the first order.

I've had three on advance order since they first announced them. I only move a hand full every month. The last I talked to the factory, they should get their first shipment this week. They didn't tell me how many was in the shipment.

The Zumo should be getting more available after that.

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According to a guy in my VTX forum, they're already there in the new Chicago store:




I just got off the phone with the NEW Chicago store. I asked them if they had the Zumo 550 in stock in the store and he said...yes. I said, the Zumo 550, the newest GPS ya'll have and he said, "You betcha"!!


Now...I would assume that vendors will have theirs within the next week or so...but it is nice to know it is OUT.


If you want to verify...you can call them yourself.





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