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Fuel Tank removal


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I will be removing my fuet tank at my next 12,000 svc to replace/tighten my fuel line clamps at the front where it enters enters the fuel tank (they leak).

I know how to 'move' the tank as in front shock installation.

I understand the fuel line is under pressure.

My question is how much fuel to expect to spit out of the line when I remove the clamp to release the pressure? This would be the clamp at the rear near the seat, and I believe it's the 'upper' line is the one that's under pressure?

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I've never noticed any pressure. I don't usually try to take my tank off very soon after shutting the engine down. That may explain why I haven't noticed any pressure.

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Last time I took off the tank, only a few ounces fuel came out. I caught most of it in a plastic milk jug. Cut the top off, leaving a wide mouth. That's good for all kinds of mess prevention.

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The fuel pump is off and the pressure is bled off within seconds of shutting the bike down. You should only see a few drops of fuel leak out from the disconnects. BTW, the disconnects are kinda delicate, as in, they break pretty easy if they are not ligned up properly when reconnecting. So be gentle when replacing the tank and connecting the two lines. Also, a little dab of light oil on the O-rings helps them slide back together. Hope this helps.

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Does your R1100RT have quick disconnects in the line or not? As I recall, many R1100xx do not. If it does, as mentioned only a few drops will come out as the disconnects are also shut offs.


If it does not have them however, and you are disconnecting the lines at the clamps, you should plan that all of the gas will come out. From the supply line due to gravity, and from the return potentially siphoning.


BTW, getting the lines loose at the clamps at the rear of them, where they connect to the hard plastic lines going to the fuel regulator, can be difficult. Plan to carefully cut them off and replace with new fuel injection rated lines.

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Thanks guys!

The clamps nearest the regulator are the typical fuel line 'hose' clamps.

The clamps nearest the tank are the OEM BMW 'crimp' type.

MY LD says I may be lucky and only have to recrimp the leaky clamp but I have some new ones on hand nonetheless.

Someone suggested to put vice grips on the line to porevent all the fuel from draining out? Or should I invest in some fuel line clamps?

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Someone suggested to put vice grips on the line to prevent all the fuel from draining out? Or should I invest in some fuel line clamps?
I understand that the leaky one that you need to replace is at the end at the tank where the hose enters the tank, correct? In which case crimping the hose, with anything won't help you, because the fuel will still come out of the tank. From either the supply or the return line, which ever one you are working on.
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