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Feels like I'm running out of gas...


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Developed ANOTHER problem with the RT. About 50% of the time after starting the bike, I have an issue that feels like I am running out of gas. If I start the bike and take off within a few seconds, about 10yds down the road(You know, right after you pull into traffic) the bike looses power like when you forget to turn the gas on in an older bike. No throttle response, engine sputtering, no acceleration. It clears up in about 10 seconds and the rest of the time riding it won't miss a beat. If I start it up and let it sit there for a few moments, you can hear the idle get rougher and the rpm's with drop down to about 8oo, but there is still throttle response. Then it clears up and idles normal. Been doing this through 2 tanks of gas from 2 different stations. Almost like the fuel system is sucking air or something along those lines while priming. Does it with a full tank of gas also, so it's not like the level is too low. Any ideas? Fuel pump? Leak in a line? Thanks, Terry

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It could be some water in the tank. I had this happen, much like you describe. Apparently the water falls out of solution when the bike sits. Then a slug gets picked up on startup. The gas recycles fast enough to get the water back into solution after a bit.

I used a piece of 1/4" poly tubing to drain the tank, making sure to get it into the bottom on the right side. Found about 6 or 8 ounces of water. Actually poured the gas back in (Carefully), leaving the water in the jug. Straightened it right out. YMMV. Good Luck!

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Ya know, I'm really staring to wonder about the gas we buy lately. I had to switch gas brands the other month because I got a few tankfuls of crap in a couple of my bikes back then. I also noticed that when left on its sidestand, sometimes the pump makes a weird sound upon turning the key. I noticed that a long time agao when it would do it on occasion and posted about it. The concensus was that they sometimes do that when left on the sidestand, especially when the fuel level is low. Think a dose of Seafoam in the tank will straighten it out instead of draining it? Terry

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If you think there might be water in the tank and you don't want to mess with siphoning it you might try one of the many alcohol-based water removers (the water combines with the alcohol and is burned) available anywhere. It may take a few treatments but it should eventually get the water out.

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Think a dose of Seafoam in the tank will straighten it out instead of draining it? Terry
Just my personal opinion - but when I see something like "Seafoam" that's advertised to fix about everything on an engine with a simple miracle treatment - I start smelling BS..


Get a siphon with a clear hose - put it in the tank so it goes down as far as you can get it on the right side and pump out some fuel into a glass container. Let it sit for 30 minutes.. see if a line develops in the fluid.. if so - you have water in your fuel.


If you have water in your fuel - drain the tank. I wouldn't even try dry-gas since lots of fuel already has alcohol in it now, and too much can attack fuel system components. And plan on replacing your fuel filter sometime in the near future.

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After thinking about it I agree with Don, if you do have fuel contamination the best course is probably to properly drain the tank, and replace the fuel filter while you're at it.

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I wonder if I have this same problem on my RT 1100, recently when I slow don't and drop to 2 gear, the engine splutters and dies, (I might be wrong, but it seems this mostly happens when I take a right turn) I have changed the plugs and cleaned the engine run switch, but I still have this problem.

Anyone had this problem, if so I would appreciate any advise, I will be going for a long tour in a few days time, this does not instill confidence. I may have to pull out till I can solve the problem.


Any help / advise (as what else maybe the problem) will be appreciated.


Tks / Reguards



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This is going to sound crazy but if the battery's negative terminal conection is loose you will get symptoms similar to fuel exhaustion/contamination. Been there/done that.

Good luck!

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