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Removal of R1100 RT final Drive


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Guys I have problem. I know I should have a repair manual and I have ordered one. I do have a parts fiche that helps in some cases. At least it shows the parts break down. What I need to do is to remove the final drive from my 2000 R1100 RT. I have some spare time in the next few days when I could get it out so, I’d like to do it now, rather than wait for the book to arrive.


I have the wheel off and the disk rotor off. It looks like I need to remove the ABS sensor, it’s held in place in place with one screw. It seems fairly well attached so it will have to be sorted of pried out (o ring tight fit). I need to remove the ABS Sensor plate. I can not tell how many screws hold this plate on. But it seems simple enough to remove.


I need to loosen ring that attaches the rubber boot to the rear wheel fork (strange name for this piece but I guess it fits).


Remove the hex bolt that connects the drive to the “silver rod”. I guess it’s just the ROD.


There are two pivot pins that appear that they should be removed. So I can remove them.


Now does the drive shaft slide apart into two pieces?


It appears that the universal can be removed by taking off the snap ring.


What I would like to know is if this is the correct procedure.


Should I do anything with the universal joint once it’s exposed.





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Guess it would help us if we knew why you are taking it off, but a couple of thougthts...


The ABS sensor will indeed just push out from the wheel side. It's a snug fit, but it will come out.


No need to take the ABS ring off unless you have a specific reason to get it out of the way. E.g. - Are you disassembling the FD?


The rubber boot just slides back after you release the large clamp rings.


As you say, the rod is just a rod.


The pivot bolts are tricky though. You must, must heat them to soften the loctite. DO NOT try to force the lock nut off nor the pivot bolt out. You will strip things if you do leading to big $$. Slow soaking heat from a heat gun is the key. Heat it some, try to remove them. Heat them some more if they don't easily release. Reassembling them requires a specific critical torquing procedure.


The rear U joint of the drive shaft stays with the FD. The drive shaft slides apart at a spline just in front of the rear universal joint. It must be indexed correctly during reassembly.

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Thanks for the information. The final drive bearing needs to be replaced or maybe it's bearing(s). I'll mark the drive shaft before pulling it appart.


I have a heat gun so I'll apply some heat, as you suggest and try to get them out.



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Removed mine two weeks ago for a rebuild. Took about an hour to remove, half of that time was holding the heat gun on the bolts. Pretty straight forward. I hope to reinstall this weekend with the Bill Rathbone's assistance. Looks abit more complicated. Good luck

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