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Final drive inspection (R1100RT)


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I have my bike apart for a transmission and clutch job (referenced in other threads). Any quick tips about inspecting the final drive?




Splines are in good shape. Swing arm carrier bearings need to be replaced (i.e. inner race is scored; rough movement.




I held the disk rotor and tried to move the spline, and there was barely any perceptable movement back and forth. I tried to move the assembly side to side using the wheel bolts, and saw zero movement. Other than the carrier bearings, I can't find anything wrong with this final drive.


I'm planning on replacing the front bearings. I wanted to complete the "set" by R&R'ing the rear, but I don't want to get into the crown gear, shims, and so forth. Is it possible to R&R the rear wheel bearings without touching the rest of the final drive. As it is, I'll have to drain the final drive so that I can install new needle bearings for the FD/swing arm bearing carriers. That will require heat, cold, and placing the unit on it's side so that I can remove and then press in the new bearings.



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Is it possible to R&R the rear wheel bearings
Not sure what you are referring to when you say, "wheel bearings." There is only a crown bearing supporting the wheel.


If there is no appreciable play anywhere in the FD, and no signs of it making metal in the drained FD fluid, I'd say replace the pivot bearings and put 'er back in.

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