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Fall Roll Call !

Doug 55

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LOL - I guess it's safe to say summer is over in face of rain and flooding around our (PNW) region eek.gif


I got a portion of "winter whuppass" recently - a sunny weekend lured me to the St. Helens & Rainier area then into taking the long way home back to Yakima intending to return via I-90 / Snoqualmie only to find the pass closed by early evening. Cle Elum motels were already full so I backtracked to get one of the last in Ellensburg. Monday AM pass conditions for Snoqualmie and Stevens were marginal for two wheels so I headed south to return via highway 12 / White Pass. (Belated Thanks to Steve R. for consultation and internet check via phone Monday AM)


Well that was just the latest after an adventure filled summer including taking my 1150GS to Alaska in July and doing a 9 road days Edelweiss "Best of Europe" tour in September (on a humble-but-good F650GS).


More fun than I probably deserved but as they say - every Dog (Doug ?) has his day !


Any-who, it would be great to hear a quick fall howdy from any and all about your summer adventures be they mega-moto or just finally getting that darn backyard fence rebuilt or ???

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Holy crap and only in November. Way to take the long way home, Mr Doug.


We are getting all settled in at our new home in Saratoga Springs. I picked up the K12RS a couple weeks ago. Haven't done much riding yet. I'm not yet employed, but that's really good since the house needed not only new locks but new doors and a laundry list of plumbing repairs and installs and some new asphalt shingles (11 square!) in addition to unpacking and settling in. Seth's room is getting camo paint - DON'T try that at home folks! It takes forever. House closing was truly a nightmare. I had to threaten to sue the ex wife owner as she continued to stonewall the sale keeping my fam and I penned up in a motel for a month. She had a screaming melt down during closing in front of our kids and 3 lawyers.


We have already reconnected with extended family. There are some REALLY fun roads around here - better than I first expected.


I miss all you PNW hoons and you're all invited over. We have a spare bedroom and spare full bath, a couple garages, and even an RV slab with full hook-up.


And lots of rain...

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I brought in the patio furnature this morning. That means, no more morning coffee out side. frown.gif

It's just now getting nice enough here for morning coffee,& evening wine outside. cool.gif


Sorry. wave.gif

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We have a super indian summer for the last few days. Today was up to about 75. Sunday high will be again 50. Will have to plug in the Gerbing again.

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Finally got to ride over to the lake where I spent my summers growing up. It's truly my happy place. Our weather has been unbelievably warm and Saturday it was 61F, balmy for upstate NY in November. I left Saratoga Springs and headded over the hills to Lake Desolation, which IMO was not worthy of pictures until I do my phD on inbreeding; basically a pretty tiny lake surrounded by shacks and rubbish. Right after the lake the road turned gravel, but was well kept. I rode past several game wardens and hunters, and didn't stop for fear of being shot. eek.gif


The road turned back to very narrow windy pavement after about 3 miles and I twisted down to the Great Sacandaga Lake. I took a right on county road 7 and was treated to nothing but sweepers, views, and an occasional hairpin turn, one of which I photographed. It only took me about a half hour to get back home. Some day I hope to get a camp on that lake and have some serious riding parties there.









This ride was only 58 miles long, but now I know how close I am to some great riding. Hope the weather holds out a little while longer...

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just finally getting that darn backyard fence rebuilt



I only put on about 2000 miles this summer, mostly because of a deck project. I'm certainly not sorry I did it, but I did underestimate the effort it was going to take. We broke ground in mid-July. I just got the final inspection done a week ago - a full four months later.


Whoever called that mega-drill-bit-5-horsepower thing from the rental center a "two-man auger" was NOT a fat out-of-shape suburbanite grin.gif. It took three of us a full day to drill eighteen 42" deep holes, and in 95-degree heat. I now know who my friends are.



Pouring footings.




My son works on a 16d nail.




The finished product. Next year, it'll be time to stain it and get some new patio furniture.


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