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Am selling my RT. How much?


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Alas, I'm parting with my beloved 2002 RT linked abs, new clutch, newer tires, 49k miles. In very good condition. It's got the techlusion and the Cee Baily 4" taller windshield. I put it on Craig's list asking $7800. Someone came and rode it and is offering $7100.

What would be a fair price for my bike? crazy.gif I'm in Northern California.

Thanks guys!


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i'd take that...you've got some high mileage and the book values are all based on the average mileage for 4 years (typically 24k). MCN has it at 8,340.

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Well, how much are other bikes similiar to yours going for. Check Cycle Trader, the ibmwr.org, this forum of course.


I think it seems a little low, but it depends on how bad you want to sell it. I usually sell a bit low just to be done with it.


Yankee Dog

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I'd say considering the miles and the time of year you should probably take it. If you waited for the Spring you might squeeze 8K. For comparison, I bought a pristine 2000 with Ohlins and only 10,600 miles for $7900 in August. If you had low miles you might get close to 9K for a 2002 (in the Spring, not now). There's enough low mileage samples out there that high mileage bikes can be tough to sell.

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Why don't you make a counter offer at $7.5K or split the difference? I bet the potential buyer is thinking along those lines. Seems a fair compromise to me. As recommended check the various websites for comparable bikes/mileage and pricing.

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Congratulations on your sale! I had a feeling that is what the buyer was thinking. Sounds like a win win for both of you. Now complete the sale and enjoy the weekend.

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