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polish scratches out of a bmw windshield?


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I polished out a fairly heavy gouge.


I used a microfiber towel and 3M Fine Cut polish for automotive paint. I followed that up with Griot's Garage #3 polish. No real distortion to speak of - which will happen if you remove too much material.


For very light swirls/scratches you can use Maguire's plastic polish found at auto parts stores.

A microfiber towel will prevent further scratching.


The key is to start out with the finest (less abraisive) polish. If you need to take a bigger cut, move up to the next.


Make sure you start with a windshield that has is clean. Any dirt will cause more scratching. Keep the microfiber towel clean too!

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Novus Plastic Polish (red label) is your best bet. Made for and available at motorocycle and aircraft dealers. Great stuff on your plastic watch crystal too!

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If it's light swirls as you mentioned.....I used Cee Bailey's polish and a one week old Baily windscreen. I had washed the patio - drive down and moved the bike into the garage. Upon putting it on the center stand, my wet boot slipped off and the bike fell over onto the table saw. The only thing holding the bike up was the windshield. Great, I just installed the windshield and now it's trash. The only substance I used was the CeeBaily Polish and it worked.


A little after history...I'm a machinist and work with plastics occasionally that need to be polished after the machining proccess. I've done the wet and dry and polish finished up with approaved polishes by the AirForce and Cee Baileys stuff is good stuff.

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I've used both the Novus products and the Cee Bailey's polish. Can't go wrong either way. I also have an aerosol can of Plexus for the in-between times.


(Don't get the wrong idea -- I'm not that anal. I still only was the bike once a year, but my wind screen, mirrors and headlight cover (also Cee Bailey's) are always clean.

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