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Accommodations To Share For UnRally in Cody, WY

Stan Compton

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I just talked to Verna at the Carriage House (1-800-531-2572) in Cody, WY. For the nights of July 12, 13, and 14, 2004, she had a three-room combo (1 double in one room, 1 queen in one room, and 2 doubles in the third room) that I reserved with the idea of sharing it with someone who does not have a room yet. The cost of this three-room combo was $115 per night. I think the fair way to share this would be $45 per night for the room that has the two double beds and $35 per night for each of the other two rooms.


There is only one bathroom, with a separate vanity, in this combo, so the max occupancy is four people, all total, in these three rooms. I will be single and have dibs on one of the $35 rooms. So the other two rooms are available. It would be ideal if a single took the remaining $35 room and either one or two people took the $45 room.


First come, first served. Send me a PM.


I have no affiliation with the Carriage House.


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If you have one of those rooms left, I will take it. Riding solo, but don't mind taking the large room if it's all that's left. I'll be riding up from Northern California.


Thor Anderson

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I sent you a confirmation PM.


To All Other Readers:

All three rooms described at the beginning of this thread have been claimed.


Stan Compton


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