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saddle bag locking mechanism replacement

Ken Wood

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Both saddle bags popped off when I got rearended recently (just a bump really) and that broke the cast iron locking arm that holds the bag on.


How difficult is it to replace the locking mechanism?




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Pretty easy. The whole locking mechanism is in what BMW calls the "multifunction box". (Though the only function I've been able to get it to do is lock the bags). To remove it, drill out the rivets from inside the bag. On each of the two hooks inside the bag, there's a pin that you tap out with a small punch, that holds the retaining thingies on (it's a straight pin, tap from either side). Then the box lifts out.


To replace, look on the ibmwr.org tech pages for how to remove/replace the lock cylinder (may be on the K-bike pages) and put the old lock cylinder in the new multifunction box. Replace the box, replace the retaining thingies on the hooks, replace the pins. Rivet the box back into place. You need a rivet tool that does 5/32" rivets. The BMW rivet kit (at a ridiculous $49) contains exactly enough rivets to do the job, little rubber gaskets for the rivets, and the little keeper thingies that go over the hooks (that don't really look like they wear or need to be replaced). I recommend you pick up an extra pack of rivets (5/32" long aluminum) at Home Despot for $3 in case you screw up one of the expensive BMW rivets.

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Thanks David,


Sounds like a easy job to do! My local BMW dealer recommended replacing the bags since the time to fix was about an hour of shop time for each side. But sounds like a repair will work just fine. That way the insurance money can be used for city lids etc..


thanks again

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Well, one thing to think about is what other damage to the bags there might be. I recently had to replace the inner half of one of my bags because the one of the plastic mounting hooks broke off. Why did it break? Because I overload the bags on every trip? Because the bike has been down a couple of times on that side? Just because it was 9 years and 150K miles old?


I guess I'm saying that if the bag hit hard enough to break the metal tab, you might wonder if some other part has been compromised. You'd hate to have to go through all this again. Your dealer's recommendation to replace the whole thing might be worth thinking about.


But just replacing the broken part is reasonable too. Ah, I dunno.

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I rode to his shop without the bags to get an estimate on the other parts, so Ozzie made that recomendation without seeing the bags. As a general rule that is what they do, replace, because of the shop time to repair... But Ozzies BMW is very good about helping us DIY types.


The integrity of the bags appeared good and I rode about 200 miles home that same night with the bags on, just zip tied down so they wouldnt bounce off. But you bring up a very good point and I will look over the bags again very carefully.

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