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Clutch hydraulic mineral oil

Bud F

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My '05 R1200ST had a whack on the clutch reservoir.

The fluid leaked out of the "pot" but the master cyl.

seems full. I installed a new reservoir and went to buy

some BMW specific mineral oil, VITAMOL V10.

Now the dealer says they don't have it for sale. They have to buyit in 5 gal. lots, and if I brought the bike in,

they would buy the oil and fix me up. Sheesh!!!

Anyone with a way around this ? What do you think of

clear ,light, Drug Store mineral oil?

Comments welcome

Bud F

ps Glad the weather is so lousy here I could't ride anyway.

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Sorry your dealer can't be more helpful. You can order it on line, for example



Good Luck, you may not want to substitute another fluid that could be incompatible or have different compressibility properties.

Compressability is not the issue. All liquids are essentially incompressible. Compatibility and lubricity are the issues here.

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Sounds like your dealer is full of it! As Mudman pointed out, this stuff is available from BMW in small bottles of a few hundred cc or so.


Strange how the dealer has to buy it in 5 gallon sizes, when....


1) BMW packages things in metric quantities (cc or liters), not American measures.


2) Their parts department can order the stuff right from BMW in small bottles.

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All fluids are compressible to a measurable extent.




While this is a big issue with brake designs and their relatively high pressures, the clutch is less likely affected if the added fluid is compatible. Most ABS brake systems will require Glycol based fluids such as DOT 4 in preference to the more compressible silicone based fluids as with the DOT 5 due to the tighter control needed to regulate accurately.

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All fluids are compressible to a measurable extent.

Measurable, but not necessarly significant. The pressure in the clutch hydraulic system is FAR less than in the braking system. Compressibility is nearly insignificant in a braking system (most of the "compressibilty" there is due to hose elasticity), and totally insignificant in the clutch hydraulics as a result of the far lower pressure in that system.

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Dealers, some of the things they say just drives me crazy some times!


The part number for a 250ml bottle of VITAMOL V10 is 21520392546. You can order it from any BMW dealer anywhere.

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Many thanks to all for your input.

Yes, I'd feel more comfortable with Vitamol in the pot.

I'll hunt some up now that I know its available.


Bud F

R1200ST red and black

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