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Hey everybody, I've been gone for a while. I was doing some work on my bike that I had been saving for a free weekend. I repaired my starter, installed the new LH cam tensioner parts, found and fixed some wires that the fuel tank was rubbing on, and replaced my fuel filter. I was going back together and had one of the CHEAP fuel line quick couplers break. What a pain had fuel running freely, got my gas can and thankfully captured all but maybe a quart. Since I was mad at such a cheap part being on my bike I vowed to find an alternate part source. I started researching on the internet and this is what I came up with.

I found the JIFFY-TITE CO. www.jiffytite.com . They make an aluminum quick coupler that is beautiful and works great. You'll find this coupler on there web site under their Motorsports page, look for products available and select the series 2000 couplers.

The part numbers are 21506 for the Socket(female) w/-6 hose barb, and 22506 for the Plug (male) w/-6 hose barb. You will need 2 of each for a complete retrofit. The -6 hose barb is the correct size for the stock fuel hose. These barbs have an extra high first barb that I don't feel is necessary and not helpfull for installation, so I ground mine down with my bench grinder (Of course I made sure that none of the grindings stayed on the coupler). You can't buy these couplers from Jiffy-tite directly, but they were great in helping me find what I needed. I ordered mine from RACER PARTS WHOLESALE 1-800-397-7815 and ask for Mike, he was great and got things done right. For those in different markets that might make things quicker, here is a list of supliers:


Henry's Engineering

Henry's Engineering Co., Inc.

PO Box 209

Barstow, MD 20610

Phone: (410)535-3142

Fax: (410)535-1378


C & R Racing

C&R Racing, Inc.

6950 Guion Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: 317-293-4100

Fax: 317-293-4110


Hoerr Racing Products

Hoerr Racing Products

4802 Competition Lane

Peoria, IL 61615

Phone: (866)851-7223

Fax: (309)691-8796


Hughes Performance

Hughes Performance

2244 W. McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: Toll Free (800)274-RACE

Fax: 602-340-8429


North American Race Parts

North American Race Parts

312 Gasoline Alley

Indianapolis, IN 46222

Phone: (317)244-9694

Fax: (317)243-8905


Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Inc.

2475 S. 179th St.

New Berlin, WI 53146

Phone: (800)688-6946

Fax: (262)317-1201



PMZ Group

4125 Waterlick Rd.

Forest, VA 24551

Phone: (434)525-8263

Fax: (434)525-8291


Racer Parts Wholesale

Racer Parts Wholesale

411 Dorman

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: (800)397-7815

Fax: (317)639-0722


Karbelt Speed & Custom

Karbelt Speed & Custom

8 Chisolm Court

Ajax, Ontario Canada L1S 4N8

Phone: (905)619-6660

Fax: (905)619-6659


CV Products, Inc.

CV Products, Inc.

42 High Tech Blvd.

Thomasville, NC 27360

Phone: (800)448-1223

Fax: (336)472-2204



Motorsport Connections

Unit 15, 4A Foundry Road

Seven Hills, Sydney Australia 2147

Phone: 011-61-2-9838-7272

Fax: 011-61-2-9838-7271


Competition Products

Competition Products

280 West 35th Avenue, Unit 1

Oshkosh, WI 54902

Phone: (866)435-9405

Fax: (920)233-1355



Motorsports of KS City, Inc

6285 State Avenue

KS City, KS 66102




Engine Parts Warehouse

Engine Parts Warehouse

7301 Global Drive

Louisville, KY 40258




Jerry Bickell Race Cars Inc.

Jerry Bickell Race Cars Inc.

141 Raceway Park Drive

Moscow Mills, MO 63362

Phone:(636) 356-4727

Fax:(636) 356-4667


Murray’s Speed & Custom

Murray’s Speed & Custom

15781 NW 7th Avenue

North Miami, FL 33169

Phone: (888)687-7297




Barry Wright Race Cars

403 Battleground Road

Cowpens, SC 29330

Phone: 864-463-4911

Fax: 864-463-8335


Jan-Cen Motorsports

Jan-Cen Motorsports

3161 Transit Rd.

Elma, NY 14059





Kriners Engines, Inc.

512 Elm Ave.

Chambersburg, PA 17201

Phone:(717) 263-8051

Fax:(717) 263-6070



Weaver's Automotive

Rte. 29 North

Madison, VA 22727




Summit Racing

Summit Racing

1200 Southeast Avenue

Tallmadge, OH 44278




NBM Hydraulic AB

NBM Hydraulic AB

Karlbergsstrand 2

171 73 Solna


Phone: +46-8-271673

Fax: +46-8-836305


Think Automotive Ltd.

Think Automotive Ltd.

292 Worton Rd, Isleworth

Middlesex, TW7 6El


Phone: +44 020 8568 1172

Fax: +44 020 8437 5338


BTE Racing

BTE Racing

#2 Memphis Avenue

Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649




Nickels Performance

Nickels Performance

293 Industrial Park Road

Piney Flats, TN 37686




Quick Fuel Technology

Quick Fuel Technology

2352 Russellville Road

Bowling Green, KY 42101




Team C Performance

Team C Performance

16706 Lakewood Blvd.

Bellflower, CA 90706



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Are the couplers/hoses the same for the 1100 vs. the 1150?


As standard, the 1100 does not have couplers in the fuel lines. These are easily retro-fitted and make tank removal much easier. Cut the fuel lines to insert them with reference to flow direction - out of the tank to the pressure regulator behind the engine, with the return line having the coupler reversed. Be careful of the pressure regulator, it has plastic pipes and is relatively easily damaged and expensive to replace.



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I used the 3000 series Jiffy-Tite couplers on my fuel cell installation. They're really trick - much more confidence-inspiring than the plastic OEM couplers. You won't have the o-ring pinching problem with the Jiffy-Tite couplers. I've coupled and uncoupled mine many times without a hint of a leak.


One thing, though - are you sure about the AN-6 hose barb size? The BMW fuel line is (essentially) 5/16" ID, which usually mates with an AN-5 fitting, not AN-6. Jiffy-Tite does make the 2000 series in an AN-5, according to their website.


As for price, one of the dealers Jiffy-Tite lists on their website shows them at $28 for the socket end and $18 for the plug end, so it would be about $46 per coupler. Compare to Max BMW's price of $16 and $13 respectively, or $29 total.

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Sorry to take so long to get back. Each plug cost $14 and change and the sockets were $24 and change. Or about the same as the OEM's. What made it hurt was overnighting them twice, cause by trial and error I got the -4 size first and they were too small. The -6 size hose barb is definitely the right size.

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I just purchased the Jiffy-tite connectors after seeing them on thier web page. I just got them today via UPS and I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quallity. After an almost disaster, I can't wait to put them in. They look so nice I almost wish I had a naked bike so I could see them, but at least I'll know they are SAFE and SECURE under the tupperware. thumbsup.gif

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I just ordered two sets for me and Leslie! clap.gif


I just missed Mike, but talked to Jack at Racer Parts Wholesale (very nice guy, also an RT rider) and got a case of Shockproof Redline Heavy with a 10% discount to boot! smile.gif


He has to order more of the size I needed and the price has gone up somewhat since Ed ordered, but I can't wait to get those ticking time bombs out from under my tupperware. tongue.gif


Review coming up this summer when the bikes are due for another brake bleed. thumbsup.gif

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the fule line is 8mm O.D. that means 5/16" (-5) is closer than -6 (3/8").


i suppose if you push really hard the -6 will work...


i have a set of omega 5/16" ready to install at my spring brake service, but would dearly love to find a set of metal ones in the -5 size, and forgoe the plastic

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