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New Member - Question on radio


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Just joined this board so I’ll say “Hello” to all.


I’m the proud new (2weeks) owner of a 2005 Granite Grey RT. I had a 2000 RT and a 2002 RT several years ago and really enjoyed riding them but I felt like I wanted a change. I tried out the FJR and rode it for three years. Now I’m back and it feels like I’ve come home to where I belong. I love the improvements made in 2005 RT and it’s great to be riding a BMW again.


As with any new bike I have a couple questions. The questions are in reference to the stock radio.


1. While listening to the radio, I noticed that the CD player is on and sounds like it is spinning even when the player is empty. Is this normal?


2. It appears that the radio has an auxiliary input. Does anyone know how to access the input to connect an MP3 player to it? Is there a schematic available for the inputs?


Thanks for the help and safe riding to all.

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Welcome to the Board and congratulations on the RT. As for the CD, I think what you may be hearing is the fan. In terms of the AUX input/MP3 player, there have been a number of threads on this. Try a search under the Hexheads section. My recollection is that it's not particularly easy to do.

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Thanks for the congratulations and welcome.


I just assumed the motor noise I heard was the spindle motor. I wasn't aware there was a fan motor. I did notice the yellow light was also on – I need to check it again.


I did a search for the auxiliary port as you recommended and did find several posts on it.


Thanks for the help.

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