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connecting line around the alternator belt


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What is the connecting line and what does it do?


I am preparing to replace my alternator belt and HES wiring harness (’96 R1100RT)


I’ve removed the dust cover and lower pulley. The book says, “…loosen alternator and pull off belt…” However, I have a connecting line (appears to be made of aluminum) that prevents me from removing the belt. The part number is: 11111341854.


I suspect it may contain oil…if so, any tips on how to keep my brand new, expensive, Extended life Mobil One from spilling all over the floor? confused.gif

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Where is this line you're talking about? Any chance you could snap a picture and post it?


With the lower pulley off, the belt should just slip right off the alternator.

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I've never seen the line you're talking about but I have heard that some oilheads have it. I wouldn't worry about losing a lot of oil since it is in such a high spot on the engine. Most of the oil will be in the oil pan.

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I've got that piping on my '98. It's some kind of breather tube used on some engines. You won't loose any oil, just remove it and put it back when you change the belt. What bothered me was if I needed to change my alt. belt on the road, I did not have a big enough wrench for that large bolt. I do now just in case I do a road side repair. Good luck!

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Here's a pic of the connecting line.


The pic is taken from below the telelever. You can see that the pulley is removed; exposing the HES.


The top of the connecting line has a banjo bolt.


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engine ventilation, n° 3


there is oil vapour in this

perhaps a little oil is condensing but no problem

you can remove it safetly


the oil ventilation designe change in 12/1997 http://popov1100.dyndns.org/cpg//displayimage.php?pos=-2863

this engine does not have this parts


this 1995 engine have it




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It is the Rotary Breather drain pipe. Here is a good place to view it:


Don't worry about oil coming out, it won't.

Bookmark this page:


just enter the last 7 digits of your VIN for a complete parts catalog (ETK). It also gives you the date of manufacture.




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Thanks to all with their knowledge of the, connecting line...some sort of breather line.


It has been removed, no oil so no spill. thumbsup.gif


Am now patiently waiting for my new HES and alternator belt so I can take advantage of this great Houston weather.


Man I wish I had another bike grin.gif

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