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PIAA 1100X dedicated kit for 1150


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If that's the PIAA model 74150 kit, it's what I've got. The instruction booklet says:

"The original PIAA R1150RT bracket installation instructions were based on the United States 2002 model year R1150RT, which was introduced in March 2001." It doesn't claim you can install it on anything else. PM me with your email address and I'll send you the PDF of the instructions.


There are other vendors, besides PIAA, that sell their own mounting brackets useful for installing the PIAA 1100x lamps on various bikes. So don't feel that you must buy a PIAA kit in order to have PIAA lamps.

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This is the 74150 kit. I just bought one from the same ebay seller. Although I don't have anything to compare it to, the quality the bracket and cable assembly is good.



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I have the PIAA's on one bike , Motolights on the other.

Go with the Motolights. Bulb replacement on the PIAA's run $45 each and last about a year.. Motolight replacements are free, they last longer and are much easier to change. thumbsup.gif

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