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Reynolds passenger backrest


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I didn't know such a thing existed, but I saw this backrest on fleabay. Apparently it's made by a defunct company called Reynolds, and attaches under the saddlebag mounts on an R11xxRT/RS, even with bags attached. Since my RS has no trunk rack (or the supports for one), it seems like this is a good option to give my pillion some support without biting off the whole topbox thing.


Anyone else have one? Can you tell me about it? post pics? I can't really picture how it attaches.


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Well.....if you don't get any answers....you will have succeeded in making a whole lot of us feel really, really old!! lmao.giflmao.gif


I wouldn't make any bets that that thing will fit on anything from the 1100 on up. Generally fit on the older (airheads) bikes. Something just don't smell right here.....I would have swore that Reynolds way way, way, long gone out of business. Anybody else??


But.....if you wanna spend that kind of money, I have a luggage rack AND a passenger backrest (WWW.BESTRESTPRODUCTS.COM) that would work, if you're interested. PM me.



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I had an R100RT which had a Reynolds ride-off stand and a luggage rack for a topcase. Very nice quality. I have also seen backrests by Reynolds for R80/100 and this looks just like whay I remember them looking like. I am pretty sure Reynolds went under long before the R1100's appeared on the scene so I would investigate a lot further before making the plunge for this item. I believe Sargent or one of the other seat manufacturers carries backrests.

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Thanks for the input, all.


It's certainly possible that they were not made by Reynolds at all, but one of the ebay sellers who had one seemed pretty convinced it was theirs, so it's possible that Reynolds Machine was still around at least for the first year or two of the R1100. I can't locate any good info on the company's closure date, even after asking a gent who was involved with the company at one point.


So I ended up taking the plunge after all. Three different but seemingly identical backrests came up on ebay recently all claiming to fit an R1100RT, and I figured I'd take the chance and I bought one.




I'm posting the lowdown on the back rest because I searched till I was blue in the face and couldn't scrape up much. Since the pannier mounts are the same for all R11xxRT/RS, it fits my R1150RS very well.


For those of us with no tail rack at all, or no real desire to get a topcase just for backrest duty, this is a nice alternative for passenger comfort. It mounts/dismounts in about two minutes, and does not affect the use of the saddlebags at all. It's very sturdy. I'm impressed.


Below are some pictures. It's worth noting for ID purposes that there is a number 152 stamped on the flat nub on each end of the bracket. I can see no other identifying marks.













Sorry about the watermarks, people seem to like using my pics on their own ebay auctions dopeslap.gif

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Nice pics. Glad it worked out. As with all the Reynolds products, it looks like a very high quality product and what an ingenious way to attach it to the bike.

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