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Tripteq Sidecars


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Anyone know anything about Tripteq Sidecars? Anyone have one or seen one? Can I get one in the US? Do any other sidecars fit or work well with the R1100? Am I weird for asking? wave.gif

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That's one I've never heard of. you might check ont the yahoo sidecar site or try the magazine called www.hackd.com they installed one for me on my RT and do real ggod work and are very knowledgable. I attended a rally they had at the beginning of october. They had about 50 or 60 sidecars and none were the same. I don't think your crazy for wanting one I sold mine so I could start looking for a side by side, where my son and wife could both ride. I really enjoyed it and the time the my son got to ride with me. It is a whole lot saferthat waythan with him on the back. PM me if you want more info.

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The first Tripteq "Heeler" sidcecars in North America will be in before the end of June. R & T Motorrad, the North American distributor, will be showing a couple of them at the BMWMOA Rally in July at Bloomsburg Pa. Find them at www.sidecarcanada.com





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Guest Kakugo

I think you are referring to the WZ model which was designed for Oilhead bikes. Nice bit of kit which requires minimum alterations to the bike and can easily be removed to return to a bike only set up. My only bone is the standard kit doesn't come with a sidecar brake (it's an optional) but that makes returning to bike only mode much faster.

This sidecar is fully certified by the TUV so it's 100% road legal in Europe. Don't know how the US legislation regarding sidecars is but since the Germans had no bone with it it cannot be that hard. ;)


Tripteq sidecars are the only ones I saw on Oilhead's. I've seen EZS Munro (another Dutch manufacturer) units on Hexhead bikes (mostly GS's) but never on Oilhead's. Pretty popular in Europe are also French Marnat sidecars, which are shaped somewhat like a car and look, well, peculiar.

If you can read French have a peek here: Side car Club Français and click on Panorama Side-Car.

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