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ATGATT for Petite sizes


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We are ready to get back into riding after a too many year hiatus and have spent several weekends including a trip to Biketoberfest to find riding gear for my wife.

The problem is sizing! She is 4'8" and a soaking wet 90 lbs. Everything is so big except for kids Motocross outfits, jackets are OK, helmet and boots are in hand but we can't find decent riding pants! Any suggestions!

Has anyone tried the Bohn Armored underpants as they look like they could do the job under her street pants.


Thanks smile.gif

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My lovely wife is 4' 10" and the ever popular half inch!


Knowing this we really felt finding riding pants would be a real hassle as most anything would need to be drastically modified for length and repositioning of protective pads.


NOT SO! Amazingly Firstgear Women's line runs SHORT.

So short that the pants fit her perfectly.

Go find a local retailer if possible for a fitment test.

Here's a review of one model


and the home site


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Amazingly Firstgear Women's line runs SHORT.


My "petite wife" also found First Gear to fit her good.

She has the Mesh jacket n pants. Which works great cuz she's not into cold weather riding.

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thumbsup.gif No worries! You just have to know where and how to look. I'm a 5'1 and a half gal myself and have had one heck of a time too, but learned a bit in the process. Teknic ladies sizing runs REALLY small and I think you may find a good deal with them right now. Also Icon ladies lines run fairly small and their jackets run more toward the slighter build. That may help. Judy at she-rides.com she-rides.com can help with the teknic stuff for sure and she may have even better suggestions. She is a great resource for gear needs. If you talk to her, tell her Laura on the k1200 in the pink tourmaster sent you. Good luck! Laura
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