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cam chain tensioner? ridable?


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Lastweeekend I started my bike ('04 RT1150 - 7,500 miles) and heard a *loud* noise in the very front, right side of the motor that sounds like a loose cam chain. It also has a very "plasticy" sound (sounded like it was resonating within a plastic chamber). I had not heard it on my previous ride which was an easy 5 miles to run an errand. The noise is loudest at idle and disappears when I rev it. Cold engine. I did not dare warm up the engine for further tests. And did not ride it. Oil level was fine.


I know this probably isn't the best description but does it sound like a loose cam chain to you? And how drivable is this, typically? Should I tow it to my dealer?



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They all tend to make that noise until the cam chain tensioner fills with oil. There is a fix for it. As long as the noise subsides after the initial startup, I don't think it's a problem. I haven't heard of it failing as a common problem. Sounds pretty much like TADT.

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if it is the chain tensioner not pressurizing and that chain beats on those plastic rails they will break and you dont want to go there trust me if not sure what it is i suggest that you get it checked out by an experianced mechanic before you do more damage then again it could be something else and you only think its the tensioner nevertheless be carefull


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If it is the RH side of the motor (you sitting on the bike and its on YOUR RH side), this is NOT the Cam Chain tensioner noise that is solved by the new style tensioner. The issue is generally with the LH side tensioner eek.gif


I agree that if you are still under warranty, or if the bike isn't and you are not a handy wrench, you should get this fixed ASAP, preferably without riding the bike too far!

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