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Mt Cheaha in Alabama- A great fall ride


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There is a lodge and restaraunt at the top of the mountain. On the outside it looks nice with a great view of the hills, but yet to eat there, and can't speak to the quality.


My lunch was in Talldega, at McCaigs Motel? Pretty good hamburger.


Because Google only allows 100mb uploads I had to trim the last 3 min of video of the ride home, which was even more special. I'll have it posted soon, so you can get a feel for the ride downhill.


I've experienced fall in every corner of Eastern America, and this enclave of hills, this year, is as good as I've ever witnessed, and I've been riding to Cheaha every fall for 35 years. If you live within 150 miles of the place I suggest playing hooky from work to enjoy your motorcycle and a day to yourself riding those hills.


I filmed this story a few days ago, and I don't know how long the leaves hold peak, but I'm sure the window is small.


A good oppurtunity for a southern boy to see what fall in New England is like.

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Breakfast is pretty good but dinner selections are limited and rather bland. You can rent a cabin with kitchen and outdoor grill. See ya. Bill

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I sent you a PM and am about to get off here to suit up and go myself. The leaves may be a little past prime but are still a awsome sight. The restraunt at the top is very good if you like a country buffet as much as I do! For anyone looking for a quiet beautifull place this is it in Alabama. Nice roads but a little lose stone and narrow on the back lower side. It to is still worth the ride and take a few of the side roads. For those two up look up Cheaha State Park on the web. If you plan on staying a night stay there!!!! Hotel rooms are nice but for around 150 you can get a private cabin with fireplace and jacuzzi! If I can ever find a woman willing to deal with me and my two girls that is on top of my list for places to go with or without my girls. For those who would be spending the night Barbers is only about a hour away and will be more than worth the trip. Enjoy all, I am headed there now!

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Okay, 370 miles today Cheaha, then to the Ga line for lotto, then a 50 degree ride home in the dark. A little chilly without the much missed heat of the BMW!

It was still very pretty at Cheaha! The walk out to bald rock with the sun low on the harizon was nice. The complete canopy of color is a little thiner due to the recent rain and wind but it is still very colorfull! With the sun on my back as it was setting I watched the moon come up in front of me as I headed to GA. A very pretty ride. For those of you who are going, your in for a treat! Go soon or the colorfull leaves will be gone! I realized again it is probably the quietest place in all of AL. Camping for everyone from the tent w/ no anything to full service for the RV is available but the rooms and cabins are where it is at here!

Do not go up w/o plenty of gas as there is gas available at the store in the park but it is twice the price and there is only one pump with only 87 oct for almost $4.00 a gallon. The prices on everything else in the park are very reasonable.

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I can't believe how skinny those roads are. Wow I remember riding on Cheaha in 1997/98 and didn't think they were that skinny.


I do almost eating a logging truck on the backside where most of that was film.


Good job on filming brings back a lot of good memories

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Great video, tunes, and great reminder of how many times I've been on those roads around Cheaha. Been thinking of where to go tomorrow and that might be the place. Sweet Home Alabama!

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