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Synchronisation on R1200RT?


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Synchronisation of throttle body valves, etc... for a more even pull for smoother engine.


* Does this really need to be done very often?

* Has anyone ever noticed any difference after having it done?

* Is it possible to do it yourself? We did it on a VSTROM but have not heard of specifics on doing it on an R1200RT.

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You can only do the high RPM(3500-4000) synch on the new 1200's.

The low RPM is taken care of by a stepper unit,and can only be adjusted by the fancy big bucks BMW diagnostic computer.




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Not sure how you define "very often," but every 6K or so is not unusual.


Yes, on a boxer, any boxer, it makes a big difference.


As mentioned the only DIYer adjustment we have available to us is above idle sync by adjusting the right throttle body cable.

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