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Braces for BMW luggage rack on 1150 RS?


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I added the BMW rack to my '02 RS. I have seen other bikes w/these racks that have 2 braces supporting the rear of the rack, but my rack did not come with these and I have not been able to locate them or find a part number. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


I am amazed that such a well engineered bike as the RS would have such a lame luggage rack! Without some added support it is virtually useless for anything but the lightest of loads. I have a Givi topcase to mount on the rack, but I can't until I can make the rack more rigid. Thanks for any help!

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The two little verticle posts are the protrusions from the necessary subframe.

You can buy the entire rack kit for around a $100 new with the rack, subframe and hardware. PM me if you need a photo.

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you will also want to use a dremel tool to cut the rear plastic for the hardware to protrude from. if i remember right, it was still a lot cheaper to go with this setup and a givi than use the bmw case.

you can do it yourself, it just takes some patience.


tom collins

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Jay, go to the 'bike related' section , to pg two and see the thread discussing the RT topcase subframe install on an RS. I just did the very same thing this past weekend to my '95 RS. I got a good deal on a pre-owned, but little used 33L topcase, and I ordered the subframe from Bob's BMW (about $117 w/ shipping, talk to Jeff). It comes with pretty good installation instructions, in 6-7 different languages. The subframe bolts right into existing holes where the side bag braces are. The kit comes with the needed longer bolts.The braces you speak of are the protruding portion of the new subframe, and they support the rearward portion of the RT rack. Be aware, you have to 'dremel' out portions of the rear tailpiece, and a few tabs under the two piece seat. It wasn't a big deal, the first cut was the hardest. I took my time, did a few trial fits, cuts, adjustments, etc. The subframe kit comes with some nice rubber closures for the protruding portion of fit through so the cuts do not have to be exact.

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