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Anyone have experience with J&M?


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I was wondering if anyone has had experience with J&M audio system(s)? I was just at the IMS show in Phoenix and they had what looks like a good deal on the Integratr IV. It was a rather bulky unit and is supposed to mount on your belt but has all the connections and a built in FM radio.





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I have used J&M stuff for years and love everything I have tried. I use one of their handlebar mount CB/intercom with Aux Audio in for my Sat Radio. The rider to passenger comms are not great, but I'm still blaming my 15 year old headsets. Other than that, I like what I have

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I use the same setup on my 06 RT with great results. Everything seems sturdy and well made. I have been satisfied with their products over many years with several motorcycles. I buy my stuff through Sierra MC electronics on the web, great product support and decent prices.

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I have the J&M 2003 CB & intercom on my 1200RT, which I have tied into my radio system and also a XM radio. Love it. It works great. The CB gets out as well or better that the GoldWings I ride with that have factory radios. The factory radio speed sensitive volume adjustment works fine through it. No complaints. I did make my own mount for the controll so I didn't have to have a separate push to talk switch. Very satisfied. I have no experience with the unit you mentioned but have seen the literature on it. For my money, I'd go ahead and get the bike mounted unit I have.


Dan Forker

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