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footpeg lowering kit for '04 r1150rt


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I am looking for a footpeg lowering kit for my RT. I have seen them for as little as 150 up to A&S bmw's kit which is 400. I welcome any suggestions

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Hello! And welcome to the board.


Use the search function and you'll find lots of info/discussion of footpeg lowering for the RT. Some folk have issues w/ the resulting relative height of the shifter and brakes, some don't. They make parts to address this if it is an issue. This accounts for some of the differences in price you've seen.


Also, an equally important, fill out your bio a bit for us. This is a friendly place w/ tons of good info and we like to know a bit about each other.


Again, welcome!

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Just installed Suburban Machinery lowering kits on rider and passenger pegs. I went shopping to find a solution for my wife, who enjoys pillion but has some knee discomfort after a long day. Decided to try them myself.


Passenger pegs do not fold up - they are spring loaded to stay extended. I think Sharon will like them but she hasn't tried them out yet.


I like the difference. You have to adjust the brake pedal height (easy) and, probably, the shifter position. I've done the brake adjustment, but the shifter position is a bit of a bear. I took the side panel off (the aluminaum plate the pegs attach to) to get a look at the shifter linkage and adjustments . . . didn't look too hard . . . Then I put the side back on. The large hex head bolt at the back of the panel goes through the panel, a frame member, and into the transmission housing . . . the frame member had slipped down just enough to keep the bolt from inserting. I took the bike off the center stand and managed to realign the three holes.


With this kit, the pegs are lower and further forward. I actually like the brake pedal position better - it's more under the ball of my foot. I'm not sure I'll like the shifter position as much.

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Blue Beemer Dude

Before you go to all the trouble of lowering the pegs, try to raise the seat! I'm up on my tippy-toes at traffic lights, but it has solved my knee pain problem and kept me from having to lower the pegs.


I lowered the pegs on my (ex-) K1200RS but ended up scraping them every time I took a turn at anything faster than Goldwing speeds. smirk.gif



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I am looking for a footpeg lowering kit for my RT. I have seen them for as little as 150 up to A&S bmw's kit which is 400. I welcome any suggestions


try your local bmw dealer, I got the suburban machinery ones from them for $125! Works great for me, you will have to dink with the shifter position though or try the shifter extension slipon farkle. I tried the slipon extension first, works pretty well but will have dealer lower the shifter for me tomorrow by 1/4 inch.


Pics and details in my blog below.

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