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Air bag jacket


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Someone else asked about this on another thread a couple of weeks ago so try a search


I'll give you my impression as I did then.

I bought the MV mesh jacket back in late August and

despite the mesh it is sweaty in warm weather (worn over a BMW Streetguard jacket) - so I will only use it in winter


Check the layout of the airbags carefully because i think they vary from model to model, the neck is well catered for on the MV and so is the base of the spine. But there isn't much in the middle. Their back protector is better than some found in jackets but not as good as a proper back protector - so I wear the BMW version.


The last point to mention is that it precludes wearing a proper reflective H belt


Bottom line - I wear it cos I paid for it but it ain't going to be comfy in summer and now I am commuting up and down motorways in the dark and wet I miss that big reflective harness (the MV has reflective strips but they are not as good)

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Here's the deal with my Hit Air vest.

Eff, I hope your vest rots & disintegrates(many decades from now) before you ever have to use it smile.gif

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