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Bar Ends


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Had a severe vibration problem on an 05R12 which valve adjusting and throttle synching helped clear up to a degree. However there is still some which the tech said should clear up once the engine is broken in (current mileage is 2500 miles). He said I could put bar ends on which might clear up the balance of the vibration for now. Has anyone had any experience with these and are they effective. Thanks for any reply.

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Well he's right to a degree. You'll probably notice some smoothing as the engine wears in (I've noticed some over the first 10k miles). I'm not sure what your definition of "severe" is, but if I characterized a vibration as "severe" it would not be normal (I know another interpretation). I'd be a little suspect. Maybe find another hexhead RT owner in your area who you can compare bikes with. As for bar ends, the RT has them from the factory. I assume (if he knows this) he means fitting aftermarket bar ends of differing weight from stock. This is, in my opinion, a highly suspect practice on a stock motorcycle. Stay tuned you should get some more advice from the more experienced BMW folk around here. Good luck.

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Installed properly, they should help at least somewhat.


But it is important to understand that they are not "weights". Proper Bar Ends are antiresonators. This means that a proper bar end is mounted using some sort of compliant (rubber) mounting system that sits inside the end of the bar, and is tuned to vibrate out of phase with vibration at the most objectionable frequency, thus helping to cancel it out.


Typically, a bar end is mounted to the bar with an internally expanding rubber gizmo that is expanded using a bolt at the end of the bar end. The tighter you crank on the bolt, the stiffer the bar end becomes.


The weight of the bar end together with its springiness (with repect to the bar) determines what vibration frequency it is capable of cancelling out.


Bar ends must never be cranked up so tight that they are essentially rigid. They must be able to independently vibrate themselves in order to work. You can "tune" them for most effectiveness by adjusting the tightness of the mounting screw.

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Go to hvmp.com for excellent bar end weights. I have a pair on my 05 12RT and they work well. All bikes buzz somewhat on the throttle hand no matter what you do, due to the separation between the twisting tube and the handlebar. Some bikes more than others and some riders notice it more than others. God bless the electric cruse control.

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My '05 R12RT has 5K miles and the throttle grip vibrates more than I would like. Numb hand happens after 20 or so minutes. Tomorrow I'll try tuning the anti-vibrator bar end device and see what if that makes a difference.

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