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After Market Exhaust


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That is an extremely subjective matter.


There are some out there that will say absolutely no, it is a waste of money. Others will say the opposite.


IMO, you must weigh both sides of the coin. Ask yourself what it is you expect to gain by changing the pipe.






I changed my stock slip on on my ST. Why? Purely aesthetics. Yea, I saved a pound or two. Woppdee do! Performance. That isn't any difference and yes, I have seen the marketing brochures saying that there is a difference.


IMO, this is very subjective and you must put a grain of salt with anything you get back as feedback on teh subject and ultimately weigh the lightened pocket book for what you expect to gain. Realistically!!!

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Here here! Very well put and, applies to many modifications on any bike or car.

It's what blows the wind up your skirt.

I have aftermarket, zoomy exhuast on 6 of the 7 bikes I own. My RT? Stock exhuast as it's the one bike I want nice and peaceful. A good comprimise are the slip ons with removeable baffle. Be zoomy when you want and then put the baffle back in for near stock, deeper but not much louder tone. 2 of the best with this feature? (IMO) Remus and Staintune.

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