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RT Gadget Shelves


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I know there's a bunch of the gadget shelves out there to mount gps, radar detector, etcs. on. I have a Quest which has a somewhat smaller screen than the typical Street Pilot line from Garmin. I'm wondering how hard it is to see the screen when mounted on that shelf. I currently use a Ram mount hooked to the top of the triple trees so I think my unit is a little closer. I'd like to install one of the shelf units because they're a lot cleaner for wiring than the Ram mounts, but I want to make sure I'm going to be able to see my gps. Anybody with any first hand experience?


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I'm going through the same process right now with my new '06 RT.


On my previous bike (Honda ST1300), I had the GPS mounted via RAM mount between the bars, but mostly because the dash shelf didn't seem stable enough to hold the weight of the GPS at speed. The only complaint I've heard about mounting the GPS up higher, is the possibility of glare making it harder to read the screen.


I picked up a screen visor for my GPS, so that if I have a problem with glare I can fix it quickly ... but I'm still trying to get opinions and options on shelves.

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