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The BRP in the fall, for your viewing pleasure...


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One of my favorite places in the world!

Nice shots!

Was that during El Paseo?

The week after. We had planned to go to Texas, but decided it was just too much. Glad we re-thought it.

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Wow! It's a lot more scenic than it was when I rode it in September! It can get a little dull after a while when there's nothing but green.

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If you want to see the fall colors on the BRP/Skyline Drive from Va. to Georgia it is always October. Usually the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week for the best colors. And that of course is based on the rainfall that year. Beautiful photos.

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The Skyline Drive starts in Front Royal, Va. (which is an extension of the BRP so to speak) and the BRP actually starts in Afton, Va. at I-64 and ends in Cherokee, N.C. It runs along the mountain tops and it beautiful in the fall as you can see by the photos posted on this site. It is limited access with no commercial vehicles allowed so it would remind you of Yosemite Road through Yosemite here on the west coast. The speed limit is typically 45 mph. There are campgounds, the Appalachian Trail, and historic sites along the way which is very cool to check out if you ever get the chance.

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No fair Dave. You are making me homesick. I grew up in Richmond and spent quite a bit of time on Skyline Drive and BRP when I was growing up. Your 911 would be a very good choice for those roads. If you could only do them at 60-80 mph would be even better. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Va. It is a beautiful area.

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