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2720 Acting Crazy


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My 2720 has been recording some very high max speeds like 165 and faster. Apparantly this is not an uncommon problem so what is the fix besides returning the unit to Garmon? frown.gif

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It happens to all GPS units once in a while. If it happens very often, you might try downloading the latest firmware from the Garmin site.


That, or send it in for repair.


Jim cool.gif

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I've not done anything as impressive as 600+ mph, but I do register 240 on occassion, both with my handheld Carmin 60CS, and the 2730. I don't think the Nav III reported anything that unusual yet.


Seems like it's a fairly common anomoly. Don't know why I'm lucky enough to get close to the same number each time, but it's fun all the more. smile.gif

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For some reason my Quest developed a reading of 180 MPH, which was believeable for the Hayabusa so I never wanted to clear it. Then a month later in reported something in the mid 200's, which was no longer believeable, so I cleared it.


Nice to know that I am not the only one..

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My Garmin C340 has just the opposite effect. It apears as though the speedometer maxes out at 102 (won't go any higher) ...which gives me no bragging rights at all.

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