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Bounce Bynum Training Film!


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Which one was 'Bounce'?


All kidding aside, what really surprises me about these 'get-offs' is how violently the rear of the bike behaves in so many instances.


(oh and did the snake survive?)




Mike O

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That was a tar-snake - haven't you heard of them?


I was surprised THIS incident wasn't in that compilation!




I'm really surprised that it didn't include this demonstration of the correct technique wasn't included (sorry about the low-res video. I know there's a higher-res version on the net somewhere).

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No respect. No respect, I tell ya.

It is only when one is truly loved and respected.....

that you get hammered unmercifully with regularity.


At least that's what we told the rookies on the fire department. lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif

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