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Spidi jackets


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My experience with Spidi are leathers only. I found them to be well made-high quality leather and superior stitching. Ten years ago they had less competition so their high pricing was OK for the quality.


Negatives-leathers are slim cut. I actually tried to find a retailer (CA-San Francisco area) 2 years ago for this exact jacket since I was pleased with their quality. No luck. If I can't try it on, it's a no go, especially at $450. At Motonation's prices, I would probably chance the next size up. Again, quality is very good and these are popular in europe.


Good luck.

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I'll confirm they run small and should definitely be tried on before purchasing. I'm a 40R and I could barely fit in a Spidi Netstep 365 H2OUT size Large my dealer had in stock. I didn't buy it, but it was a high quality jacket and would definitely consider it, if I needed that style jacket.

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I've been thinking of buying one of those myself. I bid on one of the ones they put on eBay, but didn't win.


I have a Spidi 2-piece leather set which I really like too.


You'll find that the two guys over at ADVrider that have admiral suits really like them too.

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Hi. Call :

Paul Eddy, Spidi Brand Manager, Motonation

Phone (619) 401-4107


I bought the same jacket at the beginning of 2006. Went with a size XL. I'm 5'10", 190 lbs, normal build for an IT geek. Jacket fits well, but tight if I have a sweater. Very loose if the thermal and rain liners out. Good for 80 degrees down to 32 degrees. I'm a 44R in suits. Very happy with my leathers, and am equally happy with the jacket. Too bad they discontinued them for the new range.. excellent deal. thumbsup.gif

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My Spidi "Basic Black" leather jacket fits me, two sizes larger than I normally wear. I couldn't find a place to try one on anywhere. I discussed this with Paul at Motonation, and he sent me two!! I kept the one that fit, and sent the other one back. Very happy with the quality. dwillie.

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