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BackOff brake and General Warning light


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I just hooked up the Backoff Brake light on my 03 RT. While the flashing brake light adds to conspicuity, I notice that the general warning light stays on. Added to the green turn indicators always on because of my Kisan SignalMinder, my dash display is starting to look a lot like Christmas.


So, I have 3 questions:


1--Is this normal?


2--Does the more expensive TailBlazer system also light up the general warning light?


3--Does the general warning light [by itself] indicate brake or tail light bulb failure ONLY? [i can always visually inspect the tail and brake operation before every ride.]


Thanks for any answers

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You installed this light in addition to, or instead of, your factory tail light?


If instead of, then:


1-- Yes. The unit doesn't have the correct current drain for the bulb monitor to think a good bulb is in place.


2-- As long as you buy the Kisan TailBlazer specifically for BMW, no. It simulates the correct load and works fine.


3--Yes. But be careful about visual inspections. If one or the other is out, it uses the other bulb at 1/2 brightness as a surrogate. Which at first glance can make you think both are working. E.g. - You step on the brake and see increased brightness and think your brake light bulb is working when in fact all you are seeing is the "stand in" tail light bulb getting brighter.

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I have used the Tailblazer integrated bulb since my bike was new ('02 R1150RS - servo brakes). Never had an issue with bulb monitor despite fact Kisan no longer shows it as an option for my bike.

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Thanks Ken H and Saab93 driver.


Ken H, my BackOff doesn't have a new bulb. The module is spliced into the brake wire. But I bet your analysis holds: different draw through the added module causes warning light.


Thanks for the quick replies. Now its decision time to keep the unit and get used to red dash light, or undo my wiring splice, return the unit, and buy the more expensive TailBlazer.

I'll know after a ride or two.

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The BackOff was not LED. I sent it back to Signal Dynamics for a refund. [They're easy to deal with]. I didn't want to see red all the time on the display.


Also, good news: Kisan has a new plug-in bulb for the Tailblazer to retrofit older 1150 RTs. It is LED, brighter, and does not trip the general warning light. Also, its price has dropped: $69 now rather than the previous $84 for the wire/splice setup. I'll post a quick review after I install it.

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