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Holland Sunday Ride (video)


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Image quality isn't great, but it's my first try! We went on one of our usual Sunday rides, that’s Erik (Yamaha Fazer FZ6) our friend Hans (Yamaha FJR1300) and myself (1200GS) and taped some of it. It’s Holland, the Veluwe, lots of trees, very nice this time of year. You get a bit of an impression of it’s like here. Might take the camera to the Alps next summer if you guys think the quality is not too poor.


October Veluwe Ride

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So was that thumbs up or thumbs down on the soup?


When you were plugging in to the side of the bike, was that heated gear or intercom?


I like the gas pump shot. I guess I shouldn't have complained about the 15.00$ fill-up yesterday smirk.gif


Changing the perspective was good. Get a helmet cam for the Alps, so we can see what you see thumbsup.gif


I had a girlfriend once who was from The Hague. Never been to Europe though, keep the pictures coming.



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Leuk, 'GSmeisje' ! grin.gifgrin.gif


What camera did you use.. how/where did you attach it for so many different angles?




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I'm most impressed Miriam, well done! I agree with Francois, please show us pictures and explain how you set it all up. And yes, definitely take it all to the Alps and report back with the results. Can't wait!

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Not much rigging was done actually. I’ve got a Touratec tail bag that’s pretty much full of stuff (including a small handbag) so I just put our mini DV-Cam upright into it, facing rearward and closed both zippers as far as they would go. It turned out to be a steady and secure fit.




When mounted on the back of Erik’s bike it was a lot less stable. Almost none of those shots were usable. He had put it under the elastic net that holds his rain gear (same as me in the picture). It was too shaky because of the elastic. We also did some drive-by shots and for one shot (in the beginning) I put the camera in my jacket, facing forward and zipped up.(That was also a pretty secure fit, being female and all...)


We’re working on putting the DV-Cam in a small bag so we’re able to ‘hang’ in front of the windscreen or mount it on the back of the bike. We’ll see, lots of time left before our next trip to the Alps. frown.gif


Rick – Yes, I’m plugging in the radio. We have bike-to-bike communication. Very handy when filming. It’s from Baehr and needs no separate transmitting device (walkie-talkie) that you need to put somewhere, I just plug in and go.



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