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CANBUS disabled my horn, but only time


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Last weekend I was following another rider on I-40 East of Oklahoma City.


Suddenly, the left sidecase on the bike ahead falls open and I start hammering on my horn button to get their attention.


After about a half-a-dozen blasts, CANBUS apparently decides that the horn is drawing too much current and goes into survival mode by pinching off that part of the circuit (no more horn).


So, after a quick stop to get the case closed properly, I restart my RT and of course the CANBUS goes through it's checks and resets the horn circuit, good to go.


Now,I remember reading somewhere about the potential of this problem existing and now figure, well, looks like mine has this problem and needs to be looked at by the dealer.


So I call and relay the information along to Sonny at OKC BMW and he asks me to bring it on in and well see if we can get it to act up there in the shop, if so, he’d either run a software upgrade on it, or change out the horns.


Well, now I can't get it to do it again. smirk.gif


I tried running the heated grips and seat (which I think were on that morning), nothing. I've driven around town waking the dead with that RT horn and it seems to have corrected itself.


Is it possible that the computer on the RT adjusted it's own values for the limits on the horn circuit?



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The issues been very intermittent on some bikes. ISFAIK though version 7 of the software fixes it reliably. Have the dealer do the flash even if he can't reproduce the issue.

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