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Something wrong with clutch or side stand switch, bike only starts in neutral


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Before the problem was just intermittent but now it is permanent. So when I try to start my 05' R 1200 ST in first gear it won't start. It only starts in neutral. Let's say if the bike is switched off in first gear and I try to start it: turn the ignition on, let it run the test mode, raise the side stand, pull the clutch in...it just quit starting. I have to now switch to neutral and then it'll start.

Have any of you experienced similar problem? confused.gif I know it's a warranty repair but I am curious if something can be done, so I can avoid the dealership hassle.



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I know that this does not perfectly match your description, but it sounds as if the switch that keeps you from taking off with the kickstand down might be sticking.


I've had other bikes that occasionally needed to be cleaned up and/or WD40d or the switch would gunk up.

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Sure I remember to raise the side stand up, otherwise it wouldn't start and that is normal. But with side stand up and clutch pulled in in first gear it doesn't start, that isn't normal.

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This is probably an issue with the clutch switch in the left side grip ass'y. If it was the side stand switch putting the side stand up still wouldn't allow it to start.


I had the same thing get progressively worse on my R12GS. I took the left side ass'y apart and bent the leaf tab on the switch a bit and it's been fine ever since. But on it if I squeezed the clutch lever hard enough against the grip I could find a point where it would start. Which gave me a clue where to go looking.


If you want to get into it yourself, go looking there first. It's a pretty simple switch assembly.


Use caution experimenting with the switch out of the assembly however! It's easy to get into a scenario where you have the switch in a state where the system thinks the clutch lever is pulled, but it actually isn't, the bike is in gear, you reach over and hit the starter button to test, and well... you get the picture. frown.gif

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